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Series of War Updates from Father Kalodiy in Ukraine


An update from note to Sheila on June 20th, 2022

Dear Sheila and Patti, Thank you for your wire of funds for our priests to offer the Masses you have requested. When I receive the Mass stipends I gather the priests, assign the Masses and give them the stipends. All the Sacred Masses have been arranged and the stipends distributed. I try to do this quickly due to the needs of all our members. When you send me the names of those benefactors who have made donations for our work and Ukraine, we place them on a list and remember them every day during the Sacred Liturgies and devotions held in the evening. The Rosaries, medals and Scapulars are received safely and distributed among the faithful and sent to the war zones on the boarder. Many soldiers are perishing. Please pray for them and their families. You can always rely on me for help and prayers. I impart to all of you my priestly blessing. Fr. Ivan Kolodiy

Received June 3, 2022 at 7:53AM (CDT)

Dear Mrs Patti. Sorry for the delay in my response yesterday as it was the great feast of the Ascension of Jesus Christ. We are so grateful for your care and support of the Living Rosary, constant and powerful! At the present time we are very anxious to obtain the victory over Russian military, but this is one of the most difficult psychological times in the war because everyone is wanting fast results. The war is very complicated and difficult. Thanks be to God the Ukrainian military gain new territories each day, but there are many residents in Ukraine who are suffering tremendous losses. There is still so much work to be done. The Center of the Living Rosary is preparing the Calendar for 2023 and a book of prayers and words of encouragement which you sent to me. This will be a Consolation for us during the war. Many wounded people from the war zones come to the hospitals of Lviv. The refugees are going back to their houses which the Ukrainian army freed up so there is much progress. Everyone continues to pray without ceasing in hope for the strong intervention of God and His Holy Mother! We stand In your debt and urge you to continue your prayers and support for our people, war torn and exhausted.. I extend to you my priestly blessing and heartfelt thanks. Fr. Ivan Kolodiy

Received May 31, 2022 at 9:45AM (CDT)

Dear Patti, We have receive two boxes you sent earlier. We are deeply grateful. The situation with the war is complicated but Ukraine is standing. There are many local battles taking place at the Eastern boarders of the country. Everyone continue to try and support our military who are facing torture and death every day. May God bless you. We are so deeply grateful for the Rosaries, MM’s and Holy Face medals and Scapulars. Without the Protection of the Mother of God, there is little hope. We keep you every day in our prayers of gratitude and petition. Fr. Ivan Kolodiy

Received May 22, 2022 at 12:36PM (CDT)

Dear Sheila and Patti, we have just received the wire which you sent on Friday. Thank you so much for your strong support and care. The war with Russia is slowing down now and the Ukrainians are eager to achieve victory. This is the most complicated time in the war because of the lack of fast success. Russia is a huge country with lots of weapons and ammunition. The Church in Ukraine is very active now, with many coming to Divine Liturgy, Confession and Communion asking God to grant us victory over Russia. This is a time of spiritual renovation. Everyone is praying for a miracle. We unite our hearts with yours as on this day our beloved Pauline Jaricot, foundress of the Propagation of the Faith and the Living Rosary is raise do the altars as Blessed! Her ceremonies were attended by over 13,000 bishops, religious and faithful and she was recognized for her heroic holiness. Blessed Pauline love the sick and suffering and she often visited the prisons. Let us lay our petitions at her feet, for we are the children of her victim Heart. Your help to us is vital and critical to our victory over Russia. We stand Eternally in your debt. You are in our every prayer. Fr. Ivan Kolodiy. I impart to you my priestly blessing.

Received May 16, 2022 At 7:56AM (CDT)

Dear Sheila, thank you very much for the wire you sent to me today. Also, this week I received a large box from Patti with many wonderful rosaries! I am so very grateful for your warm response to this urgent need. Our hearts reach out to you and all the Benefactors who are helping my country to survive this war. Surely God will grant to you and your family many blessings. The Ukrainian people keep you daily in their prayers. We all anticipate the Beatification of Blessed Pauline Jaricot, our saintly foundress, on May 22, 2022. She waged war with the Masonic sect of the French Revolution through the Miraculous Medal and the Holy Rosary. The Faith in France was saved largely through her singular efforts. We sing her praises and invoke her intercession today for our country and our families. Fr. Ivan Kolodiy

Received May 10, 2022 At 5:54AM (CDT)

 Today I received your money wire for which I am deeply grateful. Here is a little update about the situation in Ukraine. Thanks be to God there are no air strikes or rockets here in Western Ukraine. In Eastern and Southern Ukraine more war operations are taking place. In Lviv the hospitals are packed with the wounded soldiers so we need to support the hospital which is near our parish. Many people are supplying the army with money, food and ammunitions. Every store has special baskets and boxes where food and money for the soldiers may be placed. People from every area have fled to Poland, Germany, Hungry and other neighboring countries where they can be safe. All the men between the ages of 18 and 60 years must remain in the country to help fight. If any man wants to escape military service and leave the country, he will be put in prison. There is a huge shortage of gas. The petrol stations will see us only 4 gallons of gas at one time. The government is asking us to grow potatoes and vegetables to feed ourselves. There is food in the stores but we must help to feed the refugees who have come to Lviv. I have sent Patricia pictures to share with all of you. I realize how important it is for your faithful staff to keep running the Living Rosary and am offering special Masses for blessings upon your wonderful staff. Thank you very much for sending me the booklet: To Jesus Through Mary. I always like to read the books and leaflets you send for the members of the Living Rosary here. Your materials help to keep our faith strong. We pray God will grant us the grace to end this war and obtain victory. May God bless and protect you and your families. With profound respect and gratitude. Fr. Ivan Kolodiy


Received April 25, 2022 At 11:39AM (CDT)

Dear Mrs. Patti, Since the sinking of the warship Moscow our people thank God for His help in this battle against the Russian military. Russia uses rockets to destroy supermarkets, hospitals, apartments and plants. Some days ago even a public toilet near Zaporizia was hit by a very expensive rocket. We often place a crucifix near the main road leading to the villages and cities. If you look at this cross you will see that the right hand of Jesus is missing. We see that it stopped the rocket before damage could be done. I would like to express my thanks for the wire which you sent. I delivered the stipends to the priests who will be offering the Sacred Masses you have requested. Our Easter is now over and we are back to work. I did receive the boxes you sent with Mass lists, Rosaries and Holy Face medals. I will be sending them to the people who are suffering and to the soldiers. We are so deeply grateful for all that you are doing for us and most surely for your constant prayers. Fr. Ivan Kolodiy

Received April 22, 2022 At 3:30AM (CDT)

Dear Mrs. Patti and Sheila, I have received the money wire and am so very grateful for this help from you. We continue our prayers for all the Living Rosary members, your families and the devoted staff there in Dickinson. We are doing all we can to help the army and half of the country is fasting. Everyone is working hard to defeat the Russian forces. The danger in the country is now much less than before. Did you know that the warship Moscow which Ukraine destroyed had on board a relic of the True Cross upon which Jesus died? Russia relied on this holy sacramental and they were very upset about the death of the warship. Ukrainians believe that the Virgin Mary and Christ the King are on our side due to our victory on the Black Sea. Please thank everyone for their prayers. We continue our Divine Liturgies and daily prayers for all our Living Rosary Family. With deepest gratitude to all of you there. Fr. Ivan Kolodiy 


Received April 18, 2022 At 8:31PM (CDT)

Dear Mrs. Patti and Sheila, You heard that missals have hit Lviv, but this is quite far from where we are located. We are all safe and the banks and post office are functioning well. We do not become complacent, but continue in our prayers both day and night. We remain ever grateful for your prayers, stipends and donations to help give our people hope in the present crisis. We invoke the protection of the Mother of God. Your love and prayers help to make us strong. Fr. Ivan Kolodiy


Received April 8, 2022 At 3:09AM (CDT)

Dear Mrs. Patti, we are so very grateful for the generous support of all our Living Rosary members. This is a big help to us now. Today I received the wire and wish to show my humble gratitude. I am going to begin on April 10th a Novena of Sacred Liturgies in thanksgiving for this help and I will keep in my prayers all their special needs and sufferings. It is true, Russia has pulled their troops out of Kyiv, thanks be to God. Britain and the Baltic countries have given much assistance. The Immaculate Heart of Mary is covering us with her love and protection. We send our heartfelt gratitude to all of you. May God’s blessings be upon you and your families as we enter into the solemn days of Holy Week. Fr. Ivan Kolodiy.


Received April 6, 2022 At 5:08AM (CDT)

Dear Mrs. Patti, Today I have more time to write you and share with you about our current situation. Thanks be to God we were able to defeat Putin near Kyiv. It is a miracle because the Virgin Mary and Our Blessed Lord have helped to protect the capital of Ukraine. At this time, we continue the war to protect our freedom. There are many signs of improvement at the moment: fewer air strikes, and more businesses are open. Everything is looking like our normal life. There are big improvements on the spiritual battlefield: many people are interested in the Fatima apparitions and their message for us, they participate in the First Friday and First Saturday devotions and are taking to heart the message of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima. We are at prayer to be freed from the demons which drive such a war as this. Many Ukrainians pray the Rosary every day and the older generation is never without the Rosary in their hands. These are the weapons which will win this battle for souls and for our Nation. The Immaculate Heart of Mary will Triumph! You are the cornerstone for me and my mission in Ukraine. Thank you for your support and for your prayers. I will do my best to keep in touch more often as I know everyone is anxious to hear from us. With gratitude, respect and prayers. I extend my blessing to all of you. Fr Ivan Kolodiy


Received March 29, 2022 At 6:7AM (CDT)

Dear Mrs. Patti, Today I got the information from one of my parishioner that In Kharkiv during the russian rockets attack. The family was praying the rosary in the dinning room (RM: something the media omits). During the rosary prayer the rocket flew into the kitchen and then the family took the picture of the rocket in the kitchen. I send You the picture which is very well know in Ukraine now. This picture indicate the power of the rosary prayer. Please look into media.

Received March 28, 2022 At 3:27AM (CDT)

Dear Mrs Patti, I would like to thank you very much for your love, care and prayers, this is such strong support for our people. I am fine and everything here is OK. The churches are open and completely packed with parishioners. On Sunday we had 7 Sacred Masses and made the Stations of the Cross. On Saturday 26th of March Russia sent 80 continental missiles to Lviv. It is God's miracle that only 6 reached Lviv and made small damages which were very minor and unimportant. God and the Virgin Mary are taking care of us. A Statue of Our Lady of Fatima was sent to us from Portugal and all the faithful and priests gathered on March 25th to make the united Consecration to Mary's Immaculate Heart. All the stores, banks, plants and factories are working properly and the people are conducting normal life here in Lviv. Thank you for sharing the wonderful miracle of Blessed Pauline who was able to stop the soldiers from attacking the hill of Lyon by distributing word of Mary's Immaculate Conception many years before it was actually declared a Dogma of the Church. We have many medals that you sent but we lack Rosaries. One woman sent Miraculous Medals to her relatives in Mykolayv, the city near the Black Sea where the battles took place recently. Her brother taped medals on all the windows in the house. A rocket hit ground very close to the house, but not one window was broken and no damage to the house. Nothing is impossible to God who is showing His favor to us. We remember you and all the members throughout the world in our sufferings and prayers. Fr. Ivan Kolodiy

Received March 24, 2022 At 8:29AM (CDT)

Dear Sheila and Mrs. Patti, thank you very much for the wire you sent. It has reached us safely. We are grateful to learn the names of all those who have contributed to help us and our suffering people. They will be remembered at the Sacred Altar, their intentions and their families. May God bless and reward them for their great charity. We are at work serving the people who come to us. Our prayers and gratitude pour out to all of you who lift us up in prayer. We join with the world tomorrow in renewing our Total Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. May our Holy Mother save her beloved Ukrainel With prayers and gratitude, Fr. Ivan Kolodiy,

Received March 22, 2022 At 8:12PM (CDT)

Dear Mrs. Patti. Today I have the possibility to write you and let you know about the current situation in Ukraine. I thank you and Sheila for your care and support. We pray a lot and we ask God to protect our country. At the present time the military actions are taking place in the central and north part of Ukraine. The Ukrainian military and all the ukrainian people are fighting to save our country and free our nation from the Russian invasion. In the western part of Ukraine the goverment ordered to come back to work and help the army. The prime minister told us the strong economy and life without panic can help us to win. The Center of the Living Rosary are working also. We published the leaflets for the military men and distribute the rosaries which you send us. We give them to the military solders without any pictures (ie: the government does not allow taking pictures of the soliers) and dont know in which part of Ukraine the solders go but we give the rosaries and the prayer books. The security measures are very strong. One man took the picture of the ukrainian military unit and put it on the TikTOk social media community, immediatly after that the Russian rockets destroyed the building and the road where the pictures were taken. So, I thank you very much for your support and care. Also the priests are celebrating these Sacred Masses and are grateful to you. Respecfully, with prayers and gratitude, Father Ivan Kolodiy.


Received March 21, 2022 At 4:56PM (CDT)

Dear Sheila and Mrs. Patti, Thanks for your care. I am fine and everything is going well. The Center is open and we are doing our mission very well. With prayers and gratitude: Fr. Ivan Kolodiy.  Dear Sheila and Mrs. Patti, Thanks for your care. I am fine and everything is going well. The Center is open and we are doing our mission very well. With prayers and gratitude: Fr. Ivan Kolodiy. 


Received March 17, 2022 4:32pm (CDT)

Dear Sheila and Mrs. Patti, thank you very much for the wire you sent. It has reached us safely. I want to let you know that everything here in Lviv is fine. I would like to inform you that the Masses for Cheryl Moon, your accountant with heart failure, have been celebrated. I have received the names of all those who have sent donations to us through you. And all of our benefactors, who are helping me during this very complicated time, are being remembered at the Sacred Altar. We send our deepest respect and gratitude to all of you there, Fr. Ivan Kolodiy.


Received March 14, 2022

Dear Mrs. Patti, thank you very much for your care and your love. It is easy to get discouraged with all that is going on. I am working hard to fulfill my priestly duties and look to the future of Ukraine with an optimistic view. Ukraine is standing! You cannot imagine how the Ukrainian people are working to support the army, making food, supplying water, cloths and ammunition.  We priests are praying for them. All Ukrainians are involved in the protection of our country. I sent all the Rosaries you mailed me to our military units who are asking for God's protection. The soldiers are so grateful.  We cannot share any pictures. The post offices and banks are open in our part of Ukraine. Yesterday our government urged all citizens who live in Central and Western parts of Ukraine to return to work. We need to keep the economy running. Ukraine is a huge country, it is one of the biggest in Europe.  Many Ukrainian people are praying the Rosary and coming to Confession. the churches are over packed with people who are asking God to save us and give us victory. We are given great hope through your words of encouragement and eveyone's prayers for us. May God bless and protect all of you.  Fr. Ivan Kolodiy


Received March 13, 2022 – 12:00am (CST)

 Dear Mrs. Patti, Today in the night Russia sent 8 bollistic rockets to my part of Ukraine. There is a NATO center which teaches our soldiers. It is located 80 kilometres from Lviv. So the continental rockets flew over the city of our city. Russia sends rockets in the night to wake us up and to cause many causualties. Many people sleep in their cloths and hold tight to the survival bags they have been given which contain food, water and medicine. We must turn the light off at 10PM. It is forbidden to take pictures of any soldiers, block posts, etc. If we take a picture of the army we are accused of being Russian spys.
I am doing fine. I stay in the village near my city of Lviv. My parents have a house so we spend most of the time there in the basement. We are now experiencing food and gas shortages.
 When the Russians take over a territory, they are very cruel and kill many citizens. They bomb hospitals and schools. We opened our flat to refugees from Kharkyv. Their city was almost destroyed by bombs. The government told us to return to work on Monday to keep the economy running and to rebuild the country and help our army.
 Russian occupants are not moving into the country as our army keeps them near the boarders. The Capital of Ukraine is near the Russian boarder 600 kilometers from Lviv, so we don't feel any inconvenience, only the sound of rocket strikes near Lviv. We are fine and we try to survive.
 All your prayers have kept us safe. We continue the Masses and prayers for our Living Rosary family throughout the world. May the Protection of the Mother of God be with us all.  - Fr. Ivan Kolodiy

Received March 10, 2022 – 6:43am (CST)

 Dear Mrs. Patti, thank you very much for sending the wire. I received it safely and have distributed it to the priests for the Masses. May God reward you. At the present moment we are doing much better. We are filled with gratitude for all your prayers for us. Please deliver grateful thanks everyone for their loving gifts and compassion for our suffering people. Without your outpouring of prayers and support it would be very difficult for us. May God bless and protect all of you. - Fr. Ivan Kolodiy

Received March 8, 2022 – 7:28am (CST)

We thank you very much for your support and prayers. During the past four days, there has been no rocket or missile going off. We are feeling much safer. Our army is fighting to protect us and, through your prayers and those of the whole world, God and the Virgin Mary are protecting us. We are keeping all of you in our prayers. I would like to inform you that the wire of donations and stipends arrived to us safely. The Ukrainian bank system is very stable and firm. With deepest gratitude and respect, Fr. Ivan Kolodiy

Received March 4, 2022 – 2:55am (CST)

Dear Mrs. Patti, We find ourselves in a critial situation here in Ukraine and in all the world. Our eyes are filled with tears to hear the stories of the war carried by those who have seen it and are making their way as refugees from Kyiv, Kharkyv and Eastern parts of Ukraine. Some of them will be staying in Lviv. There are no airstrikes now. I am confident that Ukraine is going to stand and survive. We are told the large numbers of Russians who are dead, and the heavy destruction their tanks have suffered. The Russians war power is great but your prayers are holding them back. It is frightening, but we place our trust in God and His Holy Mother. We are praying for you and your families. The wire came through to us and I have distributed the stipends to our priests who depend on these alone for their livlihood. May God bless and protect all our Living Rosary Family.

Ukraine: E-Mail received March 2, 2022 (USA)

Dear Sheila, I have received the wire you sent to the bank for the Sacred Masses. It came as usual. Today is a very calm day in my part of Ukraine. Thank you so very much for your prayers and concern. We continue to serve the members of the Living Rosary. May God bless all of you! - Fr Ivan Kolodiy
We have good news now! The postal offices across Ukraine in various areas will continue to be open on a limited basis so customers can receive their mail. People can post their items through Poland, Slovakia or Latvia. Father is right on the border of Poland and his mail should arrive safely. We trace all the boxes that are sent to him. We urge our members to keep in mind the powerful sacramental of Holy Water which, when sprinkled with faith and piety, can move the Sacred Heart to bless our loved ones, present or absent, and protect them from all harm of soul and body. God bless you! –PATTI MELVIN

Received February 28, 2022 – 3:53am (CST)

Dear Mrs. Patti Melvin, Thank you so very much for your prayers. The Ukrainian soldiers are fighting well and have downed almost 4500 Russian soldiers and 50 military planes and helicopters within the past 5 days. Many ballistic rockets have been downed. Therefore, today, things are looking much better than they were last week. Last night, there were rocket attacks between Russia and Belarus. Fewer rockets are coming into our region of Lviv. The war has created many refugees. We have learned how to carry emergency bags and how to make anti-tank protectors around the city. We are grateful for all your prayers. In my part of Ukraine, life has returned to normal as it was before the war. The Living Rosary Center is busy at work just as usual. There are still many police and military units, and the noise of the anti-rocket systems. The border between Russia and Belarus is a hell. There are many dead children. They bomb hospitals, streets and apartment buildings. In Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, the Russian soldiers killed a family with two children. They rob stores and homes. We are grateful for your loving care of us and for all your prayers. We are blessed as we live at the border of Poland. May God bless and save Ukraine!

Received February 25, 2022 – 7:45am (CST)

“Dearest Mrs. Patti. We are celebrating the Sacred Masses and pray for You. The russian continental rockets hit some parts of Lviv region. The people are brave and ready to fight for our independence. The water and electricity still are available. Also we support our military. The city Lviv is almost empty. There are some Russian spies who put the marks on the roads to indicate where to hit the rockets. Many women with children are in Poland. Thanks for your prayers. with the prayer and respect father Ivan Kolodiy"
Father has not abandoned us; let us not abandon him, now in his hour of need. He will keep us posted on his situation (provided their Internet is not destroyed). Poland is next door to him and he has families and friends there who can help with communications. In this tragic hour, we entrust all of Ukraine to the Heart of Mary. – PATTI MELVIN

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